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To splurge or not to splurge

MADEBYTRANDE on 21st May 2014

Made any purchases lately? Chances are if you didn't buy high-end  you purchased the look of for far less. From home goods to fashion the choices of high-end Vs. the look of are everywhere. In a perfect world we would all buy the real deal. But in today's world that's just not an option for most of us. I will be the first to admit some things I just have to buy high-end... but others... not so much. So today's question is when to splurge and when to save several coins.

First lets talk handbags. To me that's something I have to buy the real deal. When it comes to handbags the look of is not going to work for me. I asked several women the same question and the feedback was mixed. Some women had the same thoughts as mine. However other women said they will take the look of to save money. Others said the real deal is not worth the price and is over rated. Surprisingly the majority ruled for the look of.

On to jewelry... This one can go either way for me. Do I have High-end in my jewelry wardrobe? Yes I do but I also have purchased jewelry from other not so famous designers who gave the look for less.  The thought of paying a ridiculous amount for jewelry from a high-end name is just not realistic for the average person. Honestly to have  the same exact look without the big name attached is the option of choice for most. One lady I talked to said "Seeing some people with the high-end option makes me think it must be nice. But when I think of how I have that same look for far less leaves me to think my choice to purchase the look of was smart." Again the majority ruled for the look of.

Clothes... are you a high-end person or the look of? With the prices of everything you can think of doing nothing but going up, its no wonder the majority rules in favor for the look of."Quality is the first thing I look for In what ever I buy." said one woman. To others the first thing on the list is either style or price. 

Is it that high-end name? Is it superior quality?  Is it trying to stick to a budget? Is it that you have no budget? What ever your style, price range or level of quality the one question we all ask ourselves... To splurge or not to splurge?